Our Team

Carl Yang, Managing Cyberneticist/Co-Founder
Carl is a creative and methodical strategist committed to generating business value by helping enterprises develop empathy for their stakeholders' wants, needs, and motivations to develop solutions that meet the demands of the market.  He has led new product development and service design initiatives for global consultancies, established enterprises, academic institutions, and startups for over two decades. His approach applies systems thinking and technology savvy to accelerate organizational transformation with cost discipline.

Michael Joyce, Principal
Michael has over a decade of experience working with some of the world's most well-known foundations, endowments, and sovereign wealth funds. He is an alumnus of Cambridge Associates where he conducted due diligence on private equity managers as a member of the firm's private investments research team, oversaw client portfolios, and represented the firm's limited partners. A member of Cambridge Associates’ London-based Middle East & Africa practice Michael was also responsible for working with sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, and family offices in their respective regions. In addition to his consulting experience, Michael builds software that helps clients make better investment decisions while avoiding budget-straining off the shelf products.

John McDonough, Advisor
John is a fintech expert and startup advisor with over twenty-five years creating Internet-based financial applications. He has been awarded over thirty U.S. patents for financial services tools, security, and applications. John is a recognized leader in the development of consumer applications including NetBenefits, Plan Sponsor Workstation, and retail brokerage tools and applications.

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